सोमवार, 6 जुलाई 2009

Plastics - all kinds

Plastics - all kinds
I learnt today that sometimes remnants of plastic can be found even in breast milk! Of course it depends on the environment that the mother is in, probabaly one that is hugely affected by plastic pollution, like some beaches in Hawaii. But to imagine that the legacy of the plastics pollution has reached such levels! The first taste of life for a new born infant comes polluted.
The plastics problem doesn't just end with plastic bags. It is related to a lot of issues and generally with the way we human beings have built our lives and culture. There are other dangerous plastics pollution such as plastic bottles - the top spot going to the plastic water bottle that is widely available even in the most remote corners of India today.
It is true that the problem is bigger than us, but it is also true that we are of course the cause, eash one of us, one by one, with each plastic bag that we accept. Recycle is only a small part of the solution, this problem needs a paradigm shift. It is possible to shift towards habits, products and materials that are environment friendly. The Small Steps inititative is one example and we are indeed taking small steps all over the world as there are similar initatives being promoted in UK, USA and Australia.
The old and generic saying keeps coming back to me....A stitch in time...saves nine...

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